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It is considered a great way of life investment. Investing in property is very popular in a worldwide view. The first and foremost thing a person should ask themselves is, are you ready to invest your time and money in buying a house? Setting aside down payments and having a steady income is very important. It will play an essential role in the process of purchasing a home.
It might sound unattainable for some, but it can be achievable with the correct information and professional help.

Essential factors while buying  in Canada

It is greatly appreciated for people to know the crucial information about buying a house in Canada. Here are some tips to know before buying a home in Canada.

  • Down payment:If you have plans for investing in a house, consider saving up for a sizeable down payment. It is beneficial to have an enormous amount of down payment which results in small mortgage default insurance. In Canada, at least 5% of the house price is for a down payment. Saving up for a down payment is the leading step towards buying a house. You can also look up other home buyers’ plans or ask for family help. Overall, the larger the down payment, the lesser mortgage, equity in-home, and fewer interest payments.
  • Well-organized Documentation:-Getting well organized is another crucial step towards buying a house in Canada. While you are saving up for your down payment, make sure to organize all your documents and other essential parts. If you owe a debt to credit with a line of balance, this might be the right time to pay them off. The paperwork takes up most of the time; getting it ready beforehand clears the mortgage approval process.
    The documents required for approval are your current employment proof, other income (if any), statements of saving and investing of past ninety days, information about the home buyers plan (if using it), written letter and of property as a gift from family (not a loan), a blank cheque, and printed information about the debts. These are some of the essential paperwork that can be done while saving up your down payment.
  • Credit Score:-Keeping an eye on your credit score means you can rely on it to get loan easier. For first home buyers, they tend to neglect this step. Having a high credit score will help you get mortgage. Inspecting it will help you figure out the best way to increase your credit score before applying for the mortgage approval process.
    A good credit score will add to your odds of receiving your vision house faster rather than later. You can start with paying off any debt such as car loans, students loan, etc.
  • Closing Cost:-Setting aside money for closing prices in a housing property is essential. This may include:Land transfer tax (for the first time home buyers in Ontario, a tax rebate is provided)Title deed insurance,legal fees, for people paying less than 20% down payment (mortgage default insurance) is another expense to cover Sales tax on mortgage default insurance While buying a house property, tack GST/HST on the procured price.
  • Compare Mortgage rate:-Looking around for a low mortgage rate is also of great importance. Especially for first-time home buyers, it will help them with payments greatly in the future. In this step, you will need to have a mortgage broker that will provide you best information with compared rates from standard and big banks.
    Comparison of mortgage rates is essential because the lower the rate is, the less you have to pay. People tend to go out of the budget they have set because of the higher mortgage rates. That is why having a mortgage or real estate agent is beneficial.

Hiring a real estate agent in Ontario | Michael Jraijiri

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